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General Terms and Conditions of Rental

Troisième oeil


The present lease is made under the following conditions that the tenant is obliged to execute, namely :
1./ To occupy the premises only in a bourgeois manner, the exercise of any trade, profession or industry being formally forbidden, the tenant recognizing that the premises which are the object of the present contract are rented to him only as a temporary residence and for pleasure. The tenant will not be able to take advantage of any right of maintenance in the places at the expiration of the period initially envisaged on the present contract.

2./ To respect the capacity of reception of the dwelling; the owner will be able to summon the tenant to leave the places without claiming with any refunding as soon as he notes that the capacity of reception is not respected. The deposit will be immediately cashed for non respect of the rules in case of overflow.

3) To respect the destination of the house and not to make any changes to the furniture and the premises.

4 / The names and ages of all participants, including newborns, must be provided at the time of booking. Any erroneous information may result in the immediate cancellation of the reservation. For obvious reasons of safety (evacuation) or health (possible hospitalization during the stay), minors not accompanied by one of their legal representatives in the sense of article 382 of the Civil Code, are not admitted.

5) Not to substitute any person whatsoever, nor to sublet, in whole or in part, even free of charge, the rented premises, except with the written agreement of the owner;

6/ To abstain from throwing in the washbasins, bathtubs, bidets, sinks of objects likely to obstruct the pipes, failing which he will be indebted for the expenses caused for the restoration of these equipments in service.

7./ To make any complaint concerning the installations within 48 hours of entering the accommodation. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.

8) Notify the owner as soon as possible of any damage affecting the dwelling, its furniture or equipment. The repairs made necessary by the negligence or the bad maintenance during the rent, will be the responsibility of the tenant.

9./ Authorize the owner, or any third party mandated by him for this purpose, to carry out, during the rental period, any repair ordered by the emergency. The Tenant will not be able to claim any reduction of rent in the event of urgent repairs incumbent on the owner appearing during the rental period.

10) Avoid any noise or behavior, of his own making, of his family or of his relations, likely to disturb the neighbors.

11/ To renounce to any recourse against the owner in case of theft and depredations in the rented places.

12/ To maintain the rented accommodation and to return it in a good state of cleanliness and repair at the end of the rental period. If the items listed in the inventory are damaged, the lessor may claim their replacement value.

13 / The distribution of the lodgings is according to the availability

14 / The lodges are non-smoking, a deduction from the deposit may be made.

15 / The availability of the lodgings is from 3 pm, and the release is done before 10 am.

PAYMENT - A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking (or within 5 working days) to validate the booking. This deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances. - The balance of the stay is to be paid 15 days before arrival by bank transfer or by credit card directly on the website or on the day of arrival by credit card.  - If the tenant delays his arrival, he must advise the local correspondent beforehand. The tenant will have to respect the end date of the rental initially planned.
NB : A promotion cannot be applied to a reservation already paid or partially paid.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES - Mandatory end of stay cleaning fee of 40€ for the 2 person lodges, 50€ for the 4 person lodge and 80€ for the surf house villa - Tourist tax: 2,50€/adult and per day. Minors are exempt from the tourist tax.

In the absence of payment of the balance of the rental amount before or on the day of entry into the premises, the contract will be terminated by right, if the owner sees fit, and without judicial formality.

A deposit of 500€ for the lodges and 700€ for the villa will be automatically deposited on your credit card and released 7 days later or by bank check. In no case it is a debit on your bank account. It will be returned to you after your stay, after deduction of any replacement or cleaning costs and/or any other unpaid additional service. Any lost or damaged key will be charged to the tenant. The tenant is held responsible for any broken or damaged object and for any damage that could be caused to the installations and fittings of the house. If this deposit proves to be insufficient, he will be asked to pay it back.

If the inventory of fixtures is not established contradictorily and signed simultaneously by the owner (or his representative) and the tenant, the inventory of fixtures will be contestable by the tenant within 48 hours following the handing-over of the keys. In the absence of dispute by the latter within this 48 hours deadline, the inventory of fixtures carried out by the owner will be considered accepted by the tenant.
An inventory of fixtures and an inventory will be established by the landlord (or his representative) and the tenant at the end of the renting period, each one keeping a signed copy. In the contrary case (absence of inventory of fixtures and/or inventory established unilaterally by the tenant), the absence of dispute by the owner in the 48 hours following the end of the hiring will be worth restitution of the places in good state and/or complete inventory. The return of the keys to the owner, at the end of the rental period, will not in any way entail the waiver of rental repairs if it is proven that these are due to the tenant. If no inventory has been made, the tenant is presumed to have received the rented premises in a good state of repair and must return them as such, unless proven otherwise (article 1731 of the civil code).



- Any cancellation must be notified by mail before the beginning of the rental period.
- The deposit remains with the owner.
- The cancellation of a reservation is possible under the following conditions:
- more than 30 days before : 100% refund of the reservation amount
- between 29 and 15 days: refund of 50% of the amount of the reservation
- between 14 days and 7 days: 25% refund of the reservation amount
- less than 7 days: no refund
- In case of no-show, after a delay of 24 hours, the present contract is considered as null and void, the deposit and the balance remain acquired to the owner, the owner can dispose of his furnished accommodation.
In case of interruption of the stay or early return, no refund will be made.

If the owner cancels a reservation, he commits himself to reimburse the deposit paid and to propose an equivalent or better alternative to the said reservation.

Caribbean Trip Company will issue a credit note valid for 12 months (minus the amount of the deposit paid) at the client's convenience in the following three cases, if within 7 days prior to the arrival date:
- Impossibility of the client to reach the destination by decision of a legal authority, or administrative decision; or being under a confinement measure, compulsory seven, travel ban for a non-compelling reason; The impossibility to reach the place of stay due to a modification of the transport plan decided by private operators does not enter into the conditions of refund.
- The impossibility for Caribbean Trip to welcome the Client in conditions that comply with the provisions of the COVID 19 good prevention practices.
These cancellation options do not apply to circumstances that fall within the client's personal risk zone. In this case, the client's stay is subject to the standard cancellation conditions.
Pursuant to Article L221-28-12° of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the provision of accommodation, transportation, catering or leisure services that must be provided on a specific date or at a specific time.

Benefit from a cancellation insurance of your rental which allows you to cancel due to an external event, sudden, unforeseeable, justified and independent of your will.
To take advantage of it, the tenant must subscribe to the Cancellation Insurance at the time of the reservation for a fixed fee of 40€ for the 2-person lodges and 60€ for the 4-person lodge and the villa.
It is only on this condition that the tenant can benefit from a total refund of the amount of his reservation.

Pets are not allowed, their presence would lead to the immediate breach of this contract.

Is at the disposal of the tenant and included in the stay: - Household linen: sheets, towels, bath mat, tea towel, fouta - Equipped kitchen: combined refrigerator, hotplate, microwave, toaster, kettle, wine and champagne glasses, WIFI, hair dryer - A washing machine is available in the common area of the gite and in the villa (to be used with moderation, take out the laundry as soon as the washing is finished).

In an eco-citizen approach, we ask you to use the air conditioners only when the doors and windows are closed. Only 10 minutes are enough to cool the room. It is forbidden to leave the air conditioners on when you are away. If we notice that the air conditioner is on, you will be charged 10€ per air conditioner turned on. The ideal temperature is 25°C. The owner or his representative reserves the right to turn off the air-conditioning if it is running while the accommodation is unoccupied.

- Arrivals take place from 3pm. Departures are made at the latest at 10 am. At the end of the stay, the tenants will have to return their accommodation in a correct state of cleanliness: - Dishes done and tidied up - Cupboards and refrigerators emptied - Clean the microwave and the fridge if food has leaked - Throw away the rubbish in the containers A deduction on the deposit will be made if one of these four elements of this list is not respected.

Presence of the management and maintenance staff according to the schedule posted on the door of the laundry room. The maintenance staff of the green spaces intervenes between 1 and 2 times per month. The swimming pool maintenance staff intervenes as needed from 8am, at least once a week.
Emergency number to contact: +590690160539


Offer for 2 nights from Friday to Sunday or from Saturday to Monday
Non-cancellable/Non-refundable offer

Not applicable for the Surf House villa


Standard conditions apply except for cancellation and payment conditions

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